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c_147_147_16777215_00_images_content-images_J_joggim_sihf.jpgNLA - EHC Biel has confirmed the signing of 27yr-old Mathias Joggi. Furthermore, the Seelanders have extended the contracts with their forwards Mathieu Tschantré and Gianni Ehrensperger.

Photo: HC Davos

Thus, Mathias Joggi returns to his youth team. After he left Biel in 2006, he played three seasons for the SCL Tigers before signing with HC Davos for four years. With Davos, he celebrated the Swiss Championship in 2010/11.

Joggi will return to Switzerland and join EHC Biel in the upcoming days. He signed a contract until 2015 with an option for another season.

In addition to the signing of Joggi, EHC Biel has also extended the contracts with their captain Mathieu Tschantré (until 2017) and their forward Gianni Ehrensperger (until 2016).


Oral agreement - Mathias Joggi on his way to sign with EHCB (05 December 2013)
Mathias Joggi receives green light to leave HC Davos (03 December 2013)
EHC Biel signs Chris Bourque - all clear with Mathias Joggi too? (29 November 2013)

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