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c_147_147_16777215_00_images_content-images_J_joggim_sihf.jpgThe 27yr-old forward who recently has played as a defender under HCD's coach Arno Del Curto has been practicing in North America since June. Now he's joining the Ontario Reign (ECHL)

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Together with other hockey players, Mathias Joggi has been practicing in Los Angeles since June and was hoping to get an invite for an NHL trainings camp and end up at least with a team in the AHL. But now this definitely won't happen.

However, Joggi got an invite of an ECHL team, the Ontario Reign, to join their trainings-camp. "I thought that I would return to Switzerland if I couldn't get a contract in the AHL", Joggi says. But now he has changed his mind and wants to try his luck in the ECHL.

"It's normal here that you have to fight your way up", Joggi explains in an interview with the "Südostschweiz". And if this won't work out, his first priority is going to be his club HC Davos where he is still under contract. "Be it as it may - i'll find a solution", Joggi says.



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