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mt_ignoreAs the Aargauer Zeitung reports, EHC Olten will likely have to make do without Matteo Romanenghi, Reto Kobach and Mario Truttmann. 

Romanenghi overstretched his foot in Game 1 against HC Ajoie and will be replaced by Luca Homberger. While Kobach is ill, Truttmann is still suffering from a foot injury which prevents him from playing. Shayne Wiebe, who suffered a bruised tailbone on Friday, is a game-time decision. (mso)

UPDATE According to Marcel Kuchta (Aargauer Zeitung), Shayne Wiebe, Matteo Romanenghi and Reto Kobach are ready to play after all, only Truttman will for sure miss the game. (mso) - 06 March 2016, 1:38 PM


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