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The IIIHF has released the schedule for the 2017 World Championship in Paris and Cologne today. Switzerland's first opponent will be Slovenia. They will start the tournament on May 6 in Paris.

Photo  Robert Hradil / RvS Media

Similarly to this year, Switzerland will face their direct opponents for the knockout stage first. Starting off with Slovenia, they will then play against Norway, France and Belarus. They will finish out the group stage of the tournament with the heavy weights, namely Canada, Finland and the Czech Republic. (mso)

Here is the detailed schedule for the Swiss team:
06.05.2017, 12:15 PM | Switzerland vs Slovenia
07.05.2017, 8:15 PM | Norway vs Switzerland
09.05.2017, 8:15 PM | Switzerland vs France
10.05.2017, 4:15 PM | Switzerland vs Belarus
13.05.2017, 8:15 PM | Canada vs Switzerland
14.05.2017, 8:15 PM | Switzerland vs Finland
16.05.2017, 4:15 PM | Czech Republic vs Switzerland


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