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Daniela Diaz, the first full-time head coach of the women's national team, has invited 27 players to the upcoming Mont Blanc-Cup. The tournament will be held in Albertville (France) from August 13 to 21. 


Amongst those 27 players, there are four rookies: The twins Chelsea und Raschelle Bräm (SC Reinach), Vanessa Bolinger (EV Bomo Thun), and Marion Gremaud (Neuchâtel Hockey Academy). Overall, eight players from the U18 team are in Daniela Diaz' squad. 

The Swiss women's national team will play six games in Albertville. They will face Japan, the host France, and Slovakia twice. (bsc)

The Swiss roster for the Mont Blanc-Cup:

Goaltenders: Vanessa Bolinger (Bomo Thun/Seewen, 98), Sandra Heim (Edmonton Griffins, CAN, 95), Chiara Pfosi (Cushing Academy, USA, 98).

Defenders: Livia Altmann (Colgate University, USA, 94), Chelsea Bräm (Reinach, 91), Nicole Bullo (Lugano, 87), Sarah Forster (Neuchâtel Hockey Academy, 93), Marion Gremaud (Neuchâtel Hockey Academy/Bulle, 99), Shannon Sigrist (ZSC Lions/GCK Lions, 99), Stefanie Wetli (Winterthur, 2000), Sabrina Zollinger (ZSC Lions, 93).

Forwards: Tess Allemann (Bomo Thun/Dragon Thun, 98), Raschelle Bräm (Reinach, 91), Rahel Enzler (ZSC Lions/Seewen, 2000), Andrea Fischer (Neuchâtel Hockey Academy, 90), Christine Hüni (ZSC Lions, 86), Rahel Michielin (St. Thomas University, CAN, 90), Alina Müller (Kloten, 98), Evelina Raselli (Lugano, 92), Lisa Rüedi (ZSC Lions/GCK Lions, 2000), Dominique Rüegg (ZSC Lions, 96), Noemi Ryhner (ZSC Lions/Zug, 2000), Jessica Schlegel (ZSC Lions/GCK Lions, 2000), Lara Stalder (University of Minnesota Duluth, USA, 94), Monika Waidacher (ZSC Lions, 90), Nina Waidacher (ZSC Lions, 92), Lara Zimmermann (ZSC Lions/GCK Lions, 2000).


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