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mt_ignoreAccording to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Felix Hollenstein does no longer figure in the plans of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation for the upcoming season. Reto von Arx, on the other hand, might just stay.

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As the paper speculates, the Federation might opt to replace Hollenstein with someone that is more familiar with the ins and outs of defensive work. As for von Arx, who was responsible for special teams this season, he will supposedly receive an offer for a contract extension.

However, as the Director of the National Teams Raeto Raffainer tells, their focus is currently on completing the staff for the U20 national team. They will talk to von Arx and Hollenstein in the upcoming weeks. On Ticinonline, Raffainer refused to comment on NZZ's story only saying that if there will be news the press will be informed. Thus, it remains to be seen, who will support Patrick Fischer behind the bench in the upcoming season. (mso)


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