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c_147_147_16777215_00_images_content-images_F_flueckigerm_hcl_1213.jpgNLA - As HC Ambrì-Piotta announces, they have signed goaltender Michael Flückiger for two years. Additionally, they have extended the contract with Sandro Zurkirchen until 2017.

Photo: HC Lugano

Flückiger's signing has now been officially confirmed, as it was already reported last week that he would join HCAP as of this season. The 29-year-old netminder played eleven games on loan from HC Lugano with the Kloten Flyers, where he was able to post a 2.52 goal against average and a 92.2% save percentage. His contract will last until 2016.

Furthermore, HC Ambrì-Piotta has prematurely extended the contract with their 23-year-old goaltender Sandro Zurkirchen. He joined the team this season, after having played the majority of his professional career with EV Zug and HC Thurgau. Zurkirchen has posted a 2.38 goals against average and a 93.4 % save percentage in 25 games for HCAP. He will be signed until the end of the 2016/17 season.

The signing of these two netminders clearly leaves no space for Nolan Schaefer, who will leave the team definitely at the end of the season. Where he will play is not yet known.


HCAP's Nolan Schaefer looking for a NHL contract (16 February 2014)
Michael Flückiger signs with
HC Ambrì-Piotta as of next season (15 February 2014)
Lugano's Michael Flückiger to replace Martin Gerber in Kloten (27 December 2013)


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