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After his injury, Raphael Diaz has returned to the Hartford Wolf Pack's practice and will fight for a return to the NHL for another couple of games, his agent Daniel Giger says to the NZZ. But what if it does not work out?

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"The goal is that the Rangers call up Raphael as soon as he's healthy again," Giger says. Right now, however, it does not look like the Rangers have any need for the Swiss defenseman. If it does not work out with a return to the NHL, Daniel Giger is going to ask the Rangers to release Diaz from his contract.

As the Neue Zürcher Zeitung also reports, Raphael Diaz' agents in Switzerland, Gaëtan Voisard and Gérald Métroz, are already planning their client's future. In summer, they wrote an e-mail to the team managers of the NLA and reportedly asked for a total package of more than CHF 1 million per year as of 2016.

According to the same source, an undisclosed team manager is not too unhappy about this offer: "I was glad about the e-mail. Now I can save the costs for the call." (tme)


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