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EHC Biel's CEO Daniel Villard has requested the League to initiate proceedings against SCL Tigers' Canadian forward Chris DiDomenico for his "provocative behaviour" during the Playout Final series.


"His behaviour during all the six Playout Final games in terms of unnecessary provocation is unworthy of a professional player and further heated up the atmosphere, which finally led to the banner campaign against him," Villard writes in his request.

As the Seelanders' CEO further adds, gestures in the air like shooting with bow and arrow into the the fans and other provocation would be inacceptable and could lead to massive riots, from which not only the security has to suffer, but in the end also the whole sport.

EHC Biel was recently fined because some of their fans had used improper banners against DiDomenico during the Playoff Final series. (rlu)


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