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As the Tages-Anzeiger reports, the Kloten Flyers announced a loss of CHF 7.68 million at today's general assembly. However, thanks to financial injections Philippe Gaydoul and ASE, the loss ended up at CHF 874,000.


This final loss can be equated, according to the Zürcher Unterländer, to the reduction of the player values from CHF 850,000 to CHF 1.-. Furthermore, the equity ratio was reduced from 49 to 33 percent.

In order to be able to meet the league's standards regarding the equity ratio, the shareholders also approved an increase of share capital by CHF 700,000. As for the budget for the upcoming season, the club remained tight-lipped. However, as the Tages-Anzeiger speculates, it should be around 13,5 to 14 million Swiss Francs. (mso)


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