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After a disappointing season thus far, EHC Visp has released head coach Kim Collins with immediate effect. Current assistant coach and team manager Gil Montandon will ad interim take over Collin's position.


This was announced at a press conference this morning. Accordingly, Montandon will  serve as both head coach ad interim and team manager. Current Elite-A coach Roger Misteli will be his assistant coach.

Gil Montandon played a total of 1069 NLA games over the course of his career and already served as head coach for HC Uni Neuchâtel for four seasons before he joined Visp in March of 2015.

Collins was signed by EHC Visp in October 2013 and won the NLB title in the same season. This past summer, his contract was extended until the end of the 2015-16 season. (bsc)


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