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As Hockey Thurgau announces they have parted ways with Derek Damon, Evan McGrath and Adrian Wichser by mutual agreement. The step had become necessary due to the financial situation of the club.


In their statement, they stress that while they have laid the foundation for a successful future, they still have to fight with financial issues from years past. Given that on top of that they have also lost important sponsors for the upcoming season, they had to dissolve the contracts of the three mentioned players.

All three of them would have had valid contracts, Damon and Wichser until 2017, McGrath until 2018. However, they did not want to stand in the way of the club's future and thus agreed to the termination of their contract. The club's goal now is to "find new sponsors, to invest more into their junior section and start the next season with strong Swiss players". (mso)


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